Wine blog. 4 myths and their refutation. Oleg Kurako, a sommelier of the Valentino restaurant, tells


“People have a lot of misconceptions about wine. I have collected the 4 most common myths and explain why they do NOT make sense,” says Oleg.
1. Powdered wine
This is the most common myth. Wine cannot be so for two reasons. First of all, because no country is legally allowed to do so. The second is a much more expensive process than just making wine the traditional way. After all, first you have to make wine, then evaporate it to form a powder, and then make wine from this powder … Nobody will do that!
Instead, there are just low-quality wines that spoil the impression of this drink in general.
How is wine made? In a few squeezes. But for the third time, factories and wine companies do not use, but instead throw away raw materials or sell to someone who is willing to make it a lower quality product.
2. Rose wine is mixed with red and white wine
This is also a myth. Although, in fact, only in one case such technology can be found. Only in Champagne (France) red and white varieties are mixed in the production of real pink champagne.
All other rose wine is made by the method of making red wine. The color of the wine gets from the skin. So, if red wine is infused on the skins for 3-4 weeks, pink – 3-4 hours, depending on what color they want to achieve.
3. Expensive wine just fine
This is not always the case. Pricing is very different, and it is not always the market price. The same variety of wine at the same price, but from France and Italy, will be different in quality. Therefore, this criterion is not true.
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4. White – to fish, red – to meat
This rule is not always appropriate. After all, meat and fish are very different. For red fish, for example, red wine of the Pinot Noir variety will go well. Conversely, for white meat, for chicken with spices, you should try white wine from Alsace, such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer. They go well together.
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