Blog about wine 5 myths and their refutation. Oleg Kurako, a sommelier of the Valentino restaurant in Lviv, tells.

1. If the wine paints the lips, it is of poor quality
In fact, when it comes to good wines, this factor is not a sign of quality at all. It all depends on the grape variety and the type of wine. It is clear that white wine will not leave color. But red wine is insisted on skins that contain anthocyanins (dyes). Each grape variety differs in their content. And, for example, Cabernet Sauvignon will paint more lips, even teeth and tongue, but Pinot Noir – less. Wine aging is also important. For example, after wine aged in an oak barrel, your lips will have more color than wine without aging. Here are the specifics. But this is not a problem of wine, it’s just one of its characteristics.
2. Only wine corked is high quality and expensive
For some reason there is an opinion that if a bottle of wine is closed not with a cork, but with a lid, the wine is cheap and bad. But this is not the case!
The cork is intended for the wine in the bottle to develop. The bark of the cork tree has a structure that allows air to pass through, which allows the wine to develop. However, not every wine needs it. Some wines are designed to be drunk in a few years and can not stand, especially white. Such wines are now often closed with a twist (lid). This reduces the cost of wine, because the cork is much more expensive. So now there are a lot of good wines, especially New World wines (Argentina, South Africa, Alsace wines, etc.) that cover with a lid, and that’s perfectly normal.

3. The glass does not affect the taste
The material and shape of the glass actually affect the taste and aroma of the wine. People often take this lightly, and, for example, drink plastic wine at various celebrations. But this should not be done, because it greatly spoils the taste of the drink.
4. Room temperature wine can be served
Sometimes people put wine on the table before the arrival of guests, then it has a so-called room temperature. Maybe it was logical in the eighteenth century, when many people lived in stone houses and there was a room temperature of 18 degrees 🙂 Now all the wines should be cooled in the refrigerator before serving.
5. The older the wine, the better
This is also a myth. Each wine has its own threshold of old age. Some wines are designed for development and aging, and only after some time they can be drunk. Others need to drink now. It’s about red wine. As for white, they generally do not have the potential for aging and it should be drunk in a year or three. Very rarely whites last longer.
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