Wine blog. Wine brands USA. Sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino” in Lviv Oleg Kurako tells

Little is known about US wine brands in our country, although this country ranks 4th in the world in terms of wine production and 9th in terms of its exports. Moreover, American wines compete successfully with European ones, and their best representatives often even surpass the famous Grand Cru.
The low popularity of American wines in our country is mainly due to the fact that the United States is not very interested in the Eastern European market – all their wine products for export are successfully sold in Canada, the European Union and Asian countries. However, some American wines can be bought in Ukraine. If you see wine from the United States on store shelves in our country or abroad – be sure to try. Among the American wines of the middle and high price category, there are almost no bad ones, and which drinks of the brands deserve special attention.
90% of all US wines are produced in California, although wineries are in 46 states. California’s climate and soil are considered to be some of the best for viticulture, as evidenced by the wines made from the grapes grown here, really wonderful. The most famous wines from the Napa Valley – the name of this region is a brand in itself. Sonoma wines are also widely known.
If we talk about famous brands – brands, then one of the most famous, of course, Beringer. This is the oldest winery in the United States, located in the Napa Valley. Zinfandel wines are especially famous – by the way, “California Zinfandel” is also a kind of brand, the same as, for example, “Australian Shiraz” or “German Riesling”. Beringer’s products have been repeatedly awarded the title of “Wine of the Year” by Wine Spectator magazine, widely known far beyond the States. Especially beautiful and very popular are its quiet and sparkling White Zinfandel. Interestingly, the wines “White Zinfandel” – that’s how their name translates, are made from black grapes, and the drinks themselves are pink.
The second most popular wine brand in the United States, producing 18 varietal wines, blends, a line of non-alcoholic wines. According to some sources, premium wines of this brand are the most popular in the States. And it is well known that the wine sold “Sutter Hom” – also pink, and also “White Zinfandel”.
The largest American corporation Gallo Family Vineyards exports products to more than 90 countries. Owns huge vineyards in Sonoma. It has more than 60 subsidiary brands that produce wines and other beverages.
Subsidiary brand Gallo, and no less, and somewhere more famous. All Berfut wines – there are more than 30 of them in the line, have a unified label with a footprint, but the color of the bottles is different: Pino Grigio yellow, Zinfandel red, Merlot blue, etc. Famous, stylish packaging design and excellent quality of wine inside – it is clear why they are willing to drink experienced connoisseurs.
This is not a company, but rather, according to many experts, California wine in the history of winemaking in this region. A joint project of Philip Rothschild and the famous California winemaker Robert Mondavi.
The wine is produced by a winery of the same name, which owns vineyards in Colorado, the Napa Valley and the Alexander Valley in Sonoma. One of the best existing Cabernet Sauvignon.
Not just famous, but a cult brand. Only 5-9 thousand bottles of “Kneeling Eagle” are produced a year, which is considered to be almost perfect. It is not available for free sale. A bottle of the brand’s flagship wine, which costs up to $ 3,000, can only be purchased by subscription, and sometimes you have to wait for years. To subscribe, you need to register on the winery site, submit an application. After reviewing it, you will be told how many bottles you need to buy and at what price. If you are not ready to do so, you will be immediately excluded from the signature sheet and are unlikely to be able to get into it again.
For those who are not rich enough to buy this wine at auction, there is another option to try it: Screaming Eagle is sometimes offered in very high level restaurants. Visiting such a restaurant is also an expensive pleasure, but if the desire to taste one of the rarest and best wines in the world is very strong, then finding a restaurant where it is served and go there – can be a difficult but feasible task.

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