Blog from the chef. Warm salad with asparagus in the restaurant “Valentino”

Spring has already passed, summer has begun and I want to share with you a delicious, healthy and, finally, bright salad. While we will not work so many good vegetables with what we have – asparagus, cherries, fragrant dressings. This salad is good because it can be endlessly complicated, gradually turning into a full lunch, for example. Girls can cook it without eggs, and men can put a couple of strips of bacon, ham cubes and anything the soul desires.

I love asparagus for its crunchiness. From this plant we prepare a lot of dishes, especially in season. We introduce many different dishes with the addition of asparagus in the menu of the restaurant “Valentino”. We also often organize in our restaurant in the center of Lviv tastings and gastro-evenings, parties and evenings of music on weekends, namely: Friday, Saturday and Sunday guests can enjoy the magical sounds of violin, piano, saxophone, guitar – we are the only restaurant in the center of Lviv with live music. There is no other vegetable that is so beautiful and photogenic, bright green and extremely crunchy. Broccoli is somewhat similar, but asparagus is still more luxurious. And, of course, the classic – a combination of red tomatoes, green asparagus and egg yolk, which slowly spreads, adding flavor and charisma to the dish. Is there anyone who will give up such bliss ?!

So, the most important thing is asparagus. We use fresh asparagus. Take 50-70 grams per serving. Next, bring the water to a boil, add a little salt and cook the asparagus for 3 minutes, no more.

While the asparagus is cooking, prepare a bowl with cold water and ice cubes. It’s simple, as soon as you cook the asparagus, immediately transfer it to an ice bath. This will stop the cooking process, the asparagus will remain crispy and bright green. The same trick can be done with broccoli, beans, peas (in pods).

After a couple of minutes, place the asparagus on a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture.

Put eggs to boil (one per serving). You can cook them in your favorite way. It can be poached, scrambled eggs or boiled in a pan (then bring to a boil in cold water and wait three minutes, pour boiling water and pour cold water).

Finely chop the shallots.

Heat a saucepan, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Pour the shallots. While the onion is frying, finely chop a couple of cloves of garlic and two stalks of green onions.

Pour a teaspoon of ground coriander into a saucepan. Or any other spice to your taste (you can chili). There we send quartered cherries (5-6 pieces).

Stir, pour a teaspoon of white wine vinegar (if not, skip). Stir again and pour the garlic and onion. Spread the asparagus on a plate, spread the dressing with tomatoes. Put the egg on top, salt, pepper and pierce the egg before serving so that the yolk begins to flow nicely on the salad. Voila! Done!

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