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Cod on the grill
Cod grilled cod recipe
Useful tips from the chef of the restaurant “Valentino”

Cod – predatory fish with dried meat, used in the preparation of first and second courses. It is subject to frying, quenching, cooking, baked in the oven and fried on the grill, behaves well in cutlets and pie fillings, used in drying, smoking, salting, canning. In addition to meat, liver is valued – it is often presented in the range of canned fish products in grocery stores.

Cod recipes are made for whole carcasses, steaks or fillets. Grilled cod fillets are prepared with special care – they are very tender and can crumble from careless handling. If you cook a whole fish, you can fill it with greens, onions, garlic, quickly fill with vegetables, lemon, grate spices. In some recipes, the carcass is wrapped in grape leaves, spinach and even slices of lard or bacon. Fish skewers on skewers from pieces of fillet can be prepared with vegetables – zucchini, zucchini, sweet peppers.

COD RECIPE (for home cooking)
The presented recipe for grilled cod is quite simple, but the taste is spicy and tender. This recipe can also be used to prepare halibut. This recipe involves the use of four steaks.

The marinade will require:

2 teaspoons dried oregano;
3 st. spoons of cilantro;
¾ h. Spoons of cumin;
1.5 teaspoons of salt;
1 lime;
3 st. spoons of olive oil;
ground black pepper.
Place the steaks on a plate skin side down, sprinkle with oregano, pre-ground cumin and salt. Chop fresh cilantro, mix with vegetable oil and pour the fish on top. Cover the plate with cling film and leave in the fridge for a few hours. Half an hour before grilling, remove the meat to room temperature. Cod is laid out over the grill first skin down. The total cooking time is about 6-7 minutes. The finished fish is sprinkled with black pepper and watered with lime juice (in its absence – lemon).

To properly cook grilled cod, you need to arm yourself with a good recipe and little secrets of selection, pickling and frying, which you can always tell the chef of the restaurant “Valentino”, located in the center of Lviv. We are waiting for you to share our secrets:

  • it is better to cook frozen cod fillet on the day of purchase – it is not stored in the home freezer for a long time;
  • you can defrost fish only in the refrigerator – wrap it in polyethylene to prevent moisture loss and place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, before marinating, hold for some time at room temperature;
  • fresh fish should be cleaned of scales, washed, slightly salted (skin should not be removed);
  • fish fillet is dense and juicy, but low-fat, contains a lot of water, so it is important not to overdry the fish (you can water it with marinade during frying);
  • when using a whole carcass, make 3-4 incisions on each side so that it is better filled with spices when marinating and evenly cooked during frying;
  • for the marinade, use 2-3 types of spices – great green, black, white pepper, sweet paprika, onion, garlic, curry, ginger, tarragon, rosemary;
  • so that the fish does not stick to the grill, heat it, wipe with a napkin soaked in sunflower oil, dry.
    Cod cooking can be started when a white plaque appears on the coals. For a grill it is better to use special lattices with a clip. The dish can be served with sauces, potatoes and fresh vegetables.

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