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We have good news for you again🥂 ⠀ On September 22 we are organizing a wine tasting from 46 Parallels in Lviv at the Valentino restaurant. ⠀ Set of tasting wines: ⠀ 🍾 El Captain Brut Rose; 🍾 Pinot Gris, El Captain; 🍾 Pink, El Captain; 🍾 Pinot Noir, El Captain; 🍾 Grand Admiral ⠀ Tasting menu: - croutons with salmon caviar; - Caprese ... Детальніше
August 25, 2021Roma


Cod on the grill Cod grilled cod recipe Useful tips from the chef of the restaurant "Valentino" Cod - predatory fish with dried meat, used in the preparation of first and second courses. It is subject to frying, quenching, cooking, baked in the oven and fried on the grill, behaves ... Детальніше
August 19, 2021Roma
придбай каву – врятуй життя


A one-year-old woman from Lviv has a rare genetic disease that requires a $ 2 million injection “In general, we do not demonstrate our participation in charitable projects. But such a situation as in Victoria should be heard by every Lviv resident, every small or large chain of restaurants, cafes, every ... Детальніше
August 15, 2021Roma


Tasting "Riesling around the world" on August 25 Маємо знову для Вас гарні новини ⠀ 25 серпня організовуємо дегустацію вин Рислинг. ⠀ Набір дегустаційних вин: Чехія / Моравія / Словацко Вино Рислинг; Німеччина / Рейнгау Вино Рислинг 50 ° Троккен Франція / Ельзас Вино Рислинг заповедник; Ізраїль / Галілея Вино Белый Рислинг Гамла Нова Зеландія / Марлборо / Вино Рислинг Мальборо Сан ⠀ Дегустаційне меню: - масляная риба, ... Детальніше
August 10, 2021Roma


No one will argue that for many, summer is associated with two changes in food: the dishes are becoming simpler and less fancy, we often cook in nature (on an open fire or charcoal). And then there are the long holidays on the nose. Therefore, we open the summer season ... Детальніше
August 10, 2021Roma


Little is known about US wine brands in our country, although this country ranks 4th in the world in terms of wine production and 9th in terms of its exports. Moreover, American wines compete successfully with European ones, and their best representatives often even surpass the famous Grand Cru. The low ... Детальніше
August 7, 2021Roma


Pizza Margarita. How to cook? Recipe from the chef of the restaurant Valentino in Lviv. Mykhailo Zmysnyi tells I really like pizza! As they say in such cases - most likely in a past life I was Italian! Every day in the restaurant "Valentino" we cook about ... Детальніше
July 31, 2021Roma


Many employees, whose offices are located in the central part of Lviv, are looking for a place where you can have a delicious, fast, safe lunch. We have the answer for you - choose a business lunch at the restaurant "Valentino". When choosing a business lunch in Lviv, you should choose ... Детальніше
July 26, 2021Roma


Great Italian wedding When: July 23-25 Where: the square near LNU named after Ivan Franko How much: 50 hryvnias The gastronomic festival "Italian Wedding" will take place on July 23-25 ​​in Lviv on the square near the Ivan Franko University. For three days, the festival will have a large food court area, where you ... Детальніше
July 24, 2021Roma


1. If the wine paints the lips, it is of poor quality In fact, when it comes to good wines, this factor is not a sign of quality at all. It all depends on the grape variety and the type of wine. It is clear that white wine will not leave ... Детальніше
July 22, 2021Roma