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Where to eat meat in Lviv? Meat restaurant in the center of Lviv

Meat prepared by a talented chef of the restaurant “Valentino” will make you forget about everything in the world and fully immerse yourself in the world of your gastronomic sensations. That is a fact. Moreover, hardly anyone will deny that properly cooked steak is an art and not everyone manages to master it. That is why the team of the restaurant “Valentino” has compiled for you a selection of establishments in Lviv, where they know the meat and cook it at the highest level. Attention, the article contains many colorful photos and juicy descriptions of meat dishes. Be attentive!

Стейк Рибай (Ribeye) мраморный

This establishment is the first in our meat selection. And all because in the restaurant near the Market Square “Valentino” in addition to a great atmosphere and a selection of wines from different countries, the guest is waiting for excellent value for money, including meat items. There is a separate steak menu and a variety of other meat dishes. We recommend tasting Ribeye steak. This is a veal steak that we serve with barbecue sauce. Serve with butter. Oleg Kurako recommends choosing classic Italian and French wines for the steak sommelier of the Valentino restaurant. Ribeye is an indisputable classic, which is familiar to everyone who is interested in meat culture. In the language of butchers, “fish” means “edge on the edge”, the most fleshy cut from the front of the carcass. The steak consists of one large muscle and several smaller ones. This is a thick edge of beef. Examining it, you will notice thin layers of fat, resembling a pattern on marble – hence the classification of meat by marble. Melted during frying, the fat will soak the steak, making it especially juicy and tasty. We offer you Ribeye steak from the rib part of the bull (thick edge), namely from 5 to 12 ribs.

The Ribeye cut is cut from the dorsal part of the bull, which is also called the thick edge. Its name comes from two English words – “rib”, which translates as “rib” and denotes the place where the cut is cut, and “eye”, which translates as “eye” and denotes the shape of the cross section.

A distinctive feature of this bran is its marbling and, accordingly, juiciness, for which it has no equal among the steaks. Therefore, the marbling of the entire carcass is determined by it.

Ribeye is a premium bran, which means it has no streaks or cartilage, it is easier to cook and it has a brighter taste. Recommended roasting: Medium, Medium Rare. Steaks should be cut at least one inch or 2.54 cm thick

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