Where to spend an unforgettable date to impress your partner

We want romance so much! Indeed, without this magical component, relationships quickly become boring, lose the spark of passion. Lovely surprises, dates in interesting places, passionate notes – all this makes a couple stronger, helps to get to know each other better and refresh feelings. A romantic date in a restaurant is one of the sure-fire ways to add sensuality and pleasantly surprise your loved one. After all, what is this banal stereotype that men should invite to a restaurant for a date? Let’s take the initiative into our own hands!

Going to a restaurant is good both at the initial stage of a relationship, and when you have been together for many years. In the first case, it will help you get to know each other better and have a good time. And in the second – to break out of the series of everyday life and return freshness to emotions. Preparing a romantic date in a restaurant is not difficult at all. But at the same time it will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. After all, the restaurant has a special atmosphere, and the interior, pleasant music, delicious dishes will add zest to your evening for two. And if you make a little effort and use your imagination, the evening will become unforgettable. It is important to choose the right restaurant for a romantic date. Maybe you have a favorite place where you once met or celebrated your engagement? Why not go there? Or vice versa – book a table where you have never been before – Valentino restaurant in Lviv.

It is worth knowing in advance more about the restaurant where you are planning to go on a date – the cuisine, specialties, interior and, of course, the price level, in order to avoid embarrassing situations. After all, the evening can be hopelessly ruined if a loved one has digestive problems due to too spicy or exotic food, there is no secluded corner for your date in the big hall, or there simply isn’t enough cash to pay the bill. Give preference to a small restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic conversation with loud karaoke and too curious looks from other visitors. And to add romanticism, keep the place of your date a secret until the last, let your loved one know where you are going, already at the door of the restaurant. A romantic date in a restaurant is conducive to long, unhurried communication. But in no case do not talk about business, problems, troubles – you are not at a business lunch! Let the topic of conversation be the romantic memories of your couple. And if you know each other quite recently, it’s time to talk about, for example, funny childhood memories, hobbies, dreams. Such conversations are very close and help to better understand each other. Many restaurants cater to lovers and can help organize something special for a romantic date. For example, arrange in advance that “your” song will be performed for you, and rose petals will be sprinkled on the table. Order sweets with a special wish for your loved one or your declaration of love. Ask the waiter to put your nice note on the menu for your husband or bring you movie tickets that you bought in advance along with the bill. Or maybe the two of you will enjoy the tasting of wine, whiskey, liqueurs, which will be held especially for your couple by the sommelier of the Valentino restaurant? There are many options to surprise your loved one. Just a little preparation – and your romantic evening in the restaurant will become one of the most pleasant memories. Who knows, maybe it is about him that you will someday tell your grandchildren with a smile.


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