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Where in Lviv to order original belts – prices 2023

Easter baskets in Lviv: where to order festive dishes and Passover food

Valentino restaurant tells about Easter baskets in Lviv. In order not to choose a belt at the last moment from what is left on store shelves, it is better to take care of the order in advance. We have prepared a festive Easter pascha for you, and you can also order an Easter basket with a variety of festive dishes and immediately go to church with this basket to celebrate the pascha!

Valentino restaurant (Swiss Hotel Lviv 4*)

What we offer:
Easter basket — 3,500 UAH/2.8 kg,

Big pascha: UAH 380.

Average pascha: UAH 280.

Small pascha: UAH 200 .

How to order: by phone numbers +380972356777, +380322356766

Details: The Valentino restaurant is located in the historic part of Lviv on the roof of the four-star Shveitsarsky hotel and occupies the two upper floors of the old building. Valentino’s menu features classic Italian dishes, home-baked pasta and bread, as well as wood-fired Italian pizza. Every year before Easter, the restaurant prepares a basket with traditional dishes for the festive family table. This year, in the Easter basket there is a large pasach according to an old homemade recipe, butter, homemade cheese, scrambled eggs, beetroot with horseradish, baked homemade sausage, smoked poledvica, liver pate, horseradish, salt, herbs, a candle. You can also order separately a medium or large pascha according to an old home recipe. You can order baskets or order food delivery by calling the restaurant.

What is included in the Easter basket from the Valentino restaurant:

💐Pasochka according to an old home recipe (600 g)

💐Butter (150 g)

💐Homemade cheese (300 g)

💐Scrambled eggs (6 pcs.)

💐Beetroot with horseradish (250 g)

💐Home-baked sausage (450 g)

💐Smoked pollack (600 g.)

💐Liver pate (300 g)

💐Horseradish (3 pcs.)

💐Salt, herbs, candle


Total weight of the basket: 2.8 kg