Liqueur tasting in Lviv at Valentino restaurant

We have good news for you – on February 22 in the restaurant “Valentino” our sommelier Oleg Kurako will hold a tasting of the world’s most popular liqueurs.

– Baileys

– Drambuie

– Amaro Montenegro

– Vana Tallinn

– Killepitsch


Baileys is one of the most famous liqueurs. He is originally from Ireland and, although an alcoholic beverage, quite young (manufactured since 1974) has become very popular.
Drambuie has a delicate golden-amber hue. The drink when poured into a glass is similar in color to aged spicy whiskey.
Amaro Montenegro, consisting of 40 plant components, is harvested from four continents. Some belong to the Mediterranean, such as coriander and wormwood, as well as some aromatic plants, oregano and marjoram, with bitter and sweet oranges, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.
Vana Tallinn liqueur is one of Estonia’s iconic products, produced by Liviko continuously since 1960. The spicy aroma of Vana Tallinn liqueur comes from Jamaican rum, spicy herbs, various spices from around the world, oranges and lemons.
Killepitsch. The exact recipe of the drink is a family secret of the Bush family. But the company is very proud of the composition of its legendary liqueur, which began the popularity of the brand. It is known that the recipe contains 98 herbal ingredients – herbs, flowers and berries, spices and condiments.


We will serve liqueurs with a special tasting menu, which is perfectly combined with the presented drinks. Our chefs and sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino” personally selected the menu, namely:

– vanilla ice cream;

– currant sorbet;

– a mixture of nuts;

– strudel with cherries;

– strudel with apples;

– raspberry sorbet;

– Espresso.

Only 12 tickets available.

Date: 22: 02.22
Time: 19:00
Cost: 650 hryvnias.


You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66