Valentine’s Day in Lviv

Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentino restaurant has prepared a grand program of celebration

If you ask why Lviv is a great city of Great Love, history will answer instead of us. After all, it was in Lviv that the real prototypes of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived – the young Italian Paulo Micillini and Lviv’s Pelagia, because it was Lviv that became the refuge of the most beautiful woman in Europe Halshka Ostrohskaya. Vladislav was able to fall in love with a girl from the lowest social level in spite of all laws and customs, because only Lviv managed to inspire the great world classic Honore de Balzac to tireless waiting and hundreds of thousands of letters to his beloved Evelina, because Lviv has become great love the same Casanova…, because it was in Lviv that Ivan Franko tormented himself with sleepless nights in the lines “Why do you appear to me in a dream? Why do you turn beautiful eyes to me, those clear ones… », because it was Lviv that brought up the world-famous founder of masochism Leopold von Sacher-Masoch… So how can you not love here?

The most romantic holiday of the year is Valentine’s Day. Although every day is a holiday for a couple in love, this day is special.

Have you already booked a table for 14 o’clock? At the Valentino restaurant, which at the Swiss Hotel you have a very charming romantic atmosphere.

Let’s create a romantic atmosphere, often with wine and a mini-dessert
Create the musical mood of the enchanting duet „Nika”, which is to perform with a live concert.
Cob about 19:00.

In their repertoire there are popular romantic compositions
Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

You can reserve a table for more information by phone:

+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66