Parajanov Festival in Levandivka

The fifth annual Parajanov Festival in Levandivka will present another meeting with the cinema of the Parajanov epoch.  The Parajanov Festival in Levandivka will take place in Lviv at the end of the summer. This is a collage project dedicated to the figure of the cult director, who with the help of various genres rethinks the work of Sergei Parajanov. Film screenings, theater performances, visual projects, musical performances, literary meetings, discussions, lectures and workshops for adults and children will take place on August 19-28. It is no coincidence that we chose a separate industrial and at the same time historical district of Lviv – Levandivka, because it was in Levandivka that S. Paradzhanova Street appeared for the first time in Ukraine (by the way, such a street has appeared in Kyiv only since February 2016).On the one hand, in this area there is an open space for cultural activities and the potential for their implementation, on the other – there is a great need for a quality cultural product. In addition, the festival will be the beginning of a new cultural tradition and a platform for shaping the environment of cultural activists in the area.

Dates: 19-24.08.2020
Location: CMC “Suputnyk”, street Povitryana, 20, Lewandiwskyj Park