Basket for the second Christmas Eve from the restaurant “Valentino”

Christ was born!

Praise Him!

The traditions of the evening of the “Сhristmas dinner”, or as it is also called the eve of the Epiphany or the second Holy Evening, are traditionally celebrated on January 18. In the evening and until midnight, on the night of the great holiday of Jordan on January 19, Orthodox and Greek Catholic Christians gather for the second time at the Christmas table. The second Holy Evening, which is celebrated on January 18, is also called the Generous Evening. On January 19, all Ukrainians celebrate the Baptism of the Lord – the third and final big holiday of the Christmas and New Year cycle.

We also prepare baskets for you for Second Christmas Eve ♥⠀

We present you a basket for a Generous evening. ⠀

The  basket consists of:
✨ Marinated white mushrooms (400 g)
✨Herring with onion and pickle (200/160/100/80)
✨St. Vinigret (400)
✨Dumplings with potatoes (400 g)
✨Dumplings with cabbage (400 g)
✨Donuts (8 pcs.)
✨Kutya (500 years)
✨Potato rolls (6pcs)
✨Fish jellies from Dorado (400 g)
✨Mushroom machanka (400 years old)
✨Borsch with ears (1 liter)
✨Uzvar (1 l.)
✨Bread (500 g)

COST OF THE BASKET: 2300 hryvnias.

You can also order delivery.

You can order baskets by phone:

+38 (097) 235-67-77

+38 (032) 235-67-66