Cristal Louis Roederer

Crystal Louis Roederer in the wine cellar of the Valentino restaurant in Lviv


Soft, rounded, with a soft silky structure, fine acidity, light minerality, with tones of stone fruit, pastry, vanilla and nuts.


Golden yellow with persistent mousse and fine pearlescent.


Elegant and intense, notes of acacia flowers, apple, pear, peach, ginger, a little later tones of candied citrus, pastry, nuts and butter are revealed.


An excellent aperitif, combined with exquisite seafood such as salmon, black caviar, lobsters and langoustines.

Why should you buy it?

Louis Roederer is a respected champagne house founded in 1777. In 1876 Roederer created the now famous Crystal specially for the Russian Emperor Alexander the Second. Today this champagne is considered one of the best in the world. Each vintage is unique and always has exceptional characteristics, as wine is produced only in the best years for viticulture. Grapes are collected only from the oldest vines of the best Grand Cru vineyards, they are aged on the lees for 6 years, where the drink gets an unsurpassed silky structure, a very generous and rich taste and aroma. An interesting fact is that Roederer decided to release the 2009 vintage before the 2008, as it reached maturity and harmony sooner.

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