Where to go in Lviv for a business lunch? Complex lunches in the center of Lviv. Restaurant “Valentino” hospitably invites

Many employees, whose offices are located in the central part of Lviv, are looking for a place where you can have a delicious, fast, safe lunch. We have the answer for you – choose a business lunch at the Valentino restaurant.
When choosing a business lunch in Lviv, you should choose a delicious lunch at a reasonable price. In the Valentino restaurant we are ready to offer you such a lunch menu from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 for 250 hryvnias.
So, ask yourself: where can you eat a good business lunch with fish, meat, Italian pasta. Yes, only in our restaurant in Lviv traditional Italian pastas, such as Bolognese and Carbonara, are prepared for a complex lunch.
Information about the Business Lunch is posted on our website and in social networks. Every day a new menu that will allow you to diversify your lunch stories. Restaurants / Cafes in Lviv often offer good lunch offers, the prices of which can be different. We offer you to dine in a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, to the sounds of Italian background music, enjoying the interior of the Valentino restaurant.
Having written: Restaurants with Business Lunch in Lviv: reviews, address, menu, photos, you will find many different establishments that differ in location, price, menu content and most importantly the level of service. We in the Valentino restaurant always care about the safety of our guests, so we prepare all dishes in accordance with the rules and regulations of preparation of ingredients for all dishes that we serve to our guests.

If you have a question: Business lunches in Lviv restaurants: where can you have a delicious lunch? You know, we are always waiting for you with love. If you are planning a business meeting, it is better to hold it at lunch. Where to go in Lviv for a business lunch? Now you know where the most delicious set lunches are in town.
The working week is in full swing. To be productive and energetic every day, we offer you business lunches in the best restaurant in the city.
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