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Bartender, Lviv – Course – Horeca School
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Ready to BECOME a bartender and COOLLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Those who want to learn and feel the intricacies of the bar craft are welcome in our center. The program is designed for beginners and people with experience. The course simulates the conditions of working in a bar: interview, establishment form, special menu, cash register, duty schedule, communication with guests, preparation of cocktails.

For convenience, the bartender course is divided into 4 days:
The training level of “Bartender” presupposes the students’ study of basic elements from scratch, which they will consolidate in an open lesson. Everyone is expected to communicate with guests, prepare alcoholic and coffee drinks. This is an introductory level for those who have never worked in a bar. Speed, aesthetics, confidence, attention to detail, accuracy, ability to think one step ahead – qualities necessary for a bartender. Therefore, the next 4 days of the course are devoted to practice and honing the listed skills.

Bartender course in Lviv

After successfully completing the course, you will:

1. Prepares classic cocktails

2. Know the recipe, serving rules, history of creation of basic alcoholic beverages (vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey).

3. Know and apply in practice the rules of receiving and issuing an order.

Every 2-3 months

We will start at 11:00
To make a reservation, write or call us:

Our contacts are +380961678352

You can first take the “Bartending” course and understand how the bartending profession suits you. You will get the necessary skills, unforgettable emotions and new friends. Completing the course and passing the qualifying exam at the end guarantees you a certificate of completion of the “Bartender” course