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Lviv Cheesecake. Where in Lviv can you taste this incredibly delicious cake?

Traditional Lviv cheesecake: a simple recipe for a delicious dessert at the Valentino restaurant in Lviv

Among those who travel to the city of Lviv, tasting Lviv cheese is as popular as strolling through the old Market Square or sitting with a cup of fragrant coffee in one of the city’s establishments. This dish is so popular in Lviv that it is prepared not only in many restaurants and cafes, but also in Lviv families.


The Lviv cheesecake prepared by the confectioners of the Italian restaurant “Valentino” combines the most delicate cheese with the taste of orange and lemon zest and a thick chocolate glaze. This dessert is moderately sweet and goes well with any hot drink – coffee or tea.


Mykhailo Zmysny, head chef of the Valentino restaurant, shares one of the recipes for Lviv cheesecake. To taste the signature recipe of Lviv cheese – we invite you to visit the Valentino restaurant to taste this legendary Galician dessert.



– Wet cheese is not suitable for Lviv cheese. So, choose dry cheese. Next, grind the cheese with a blender.

– Beat egg yolks with sugar in a separate container, add semolina, diced peach, raisins, vanilla essence, lemon (or orange) zest. We can use as applications those fruits that you like and taste the most. Mix everything well;

– Add soft butter to this mass and beat again with a mixer;

– Combine this mass with cheese, and once again gently beat with a mixer for a minute;

– Next is the turn of egg whites. Beat them until they become white foam. The protein mass should be like a cloud;

– Carefully spread the proteins with a spatula into the curd mass and mix with careful movements of the spatula;

– Grease the sides of the baking dish with butter. The bottom can be lined with parchment. If you use parchment, the probability that the cheesecake will not stick to the mold increases;

– We put the mass in a form (lined with parchment). Bake the cheesecake for 55 minutes at a temperature of 180 °C.

– The finished cheesecake must be allowed to cool down (about 3 hours). It is necessary to decorate with chocolate glaze a well-chilled cheesecake. Ideally, the cheesecake should “infuse” in the refrigerator for about 5 hours – then it will be very tasty.

Prepare the glaze:

– Melt the chocolate over low heat;

– Add a piece of butter and cream to the chocolate;

– Mix everything well. Let the glaze stand for 5 minutes and you can apply it to the cooled cheesecake.

We are waiting for you to visit the restaurant Valentino so that you can taste the most delicious dessert “Lviv cheesecake” in Lviv.

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