the skill of the winemaker

The skill of the winemaker and how it affects the quality, price and popularity of a bottle of wine

Wines for mass daily consumption are produced by large companies and are devoid of individuality. The technologists aim to make quality wine without defects for dinner every day or for a party with friends. Large volumes of wine production do not allow to speak about the individuality of the author’s style of wine – any style is lost against the background of the conveyor production of millions of bottles.

Expensive wines are always an author’s craft work. Behind a wine there is a story of a particular person. This may be a winemaker in the Nth generation, who preserves the traditions of his great-great-grandfather, knows how a particular vine behaves in the vineyard, in which area the berries ripen faster and better, where in the cellar is the best place for aging wine when to release it on the market. A round sum for a bottle of expensive wine is a payment for the experience of generations, skill and contribution to the preservation of traditions.

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