Myth of wine №4: To meat – red, to fish – white. Blog from the sommelier of the Valentino restaurant

Just meat or just fish – too broad a concept to find the appropriate accompaniment to them. Here’s what to look for when choosing a combination of drinks for both fish and meat:

  • on color. Meat can be white (veal, rabbit), and fish – red or pink (red tuna, salmon), and only in this case, the standard choice of wine will need to be reconsidered;
  • on the texture (especially for fish). It can be tender and delicate, like cod, sunflower or river trout, and can be dense, such as tuna or swordfish. The same can be said about meat – fillets and tenderloin tenderly more fibrous steak;
  • on fat content. Fatty fish is balanced by white wine with high acidity, and fatty juicy beef entrecote – tart powerful red;
  • of sauce. The components of the sauce with a rich taste, which accompanies a more neutral meat or fish, will be decisive in choosing the appropriate accompaniment.

I’m waiting for you at the Valentino restaurant so that you can see and dispel this myth with me. I will take you to the wine cellar and offer the best wine that will taste to your dishes, whatever they may be: fish or meat.

See you at the Valentino restaurant at the Swiss Hotel!
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