Pumpkin menu in the Valentino restaurant in Lviv 2023


Do you know what pumpkin is good for? Come and we will tell you.

Why do we love the cold seasons? In the restaurant “Valentino” we are convinced – for the colors! If there are not enough bright colors around, look for them in the best restaurant of Italian cuisine in Lviv – there are a lot of them and they are especially delicious. First of all, we recommend trying the orange pumpkin soup, which not only warms in the cold season, but is also incredibly useful. It is not so easy to find in the city, and here it is prepared extremely tasty. And of course, without seasonal salads, pumpkin juice and much more delicious and healthy? It is very easy to find them here, just by ordering dishes from the pumpkin menu.

We are waiting for you so that you can try new, delicious dishes in the Valentino restaurant, which will definitely not leave you indifferent!