New Year 2022 celebration!

In the New Year, all roads lead… to the hotel “Swiss” and restaurant “VALENTINO” in Lviv!

We all look forward to a miracle on New Year’s Eve, so everyone wants to celebrate it so that it will be remembered for the whole year! This holiday is called the most anticipated on the planet!
On this fabulous night, everyone has a chance to make the most secret wish and it will come true. And if one of the wishes is to celebrate the New Year in a fun and unforgettable way, we will be happy to fulfill it!
Hotel “Swiss” is an opportunity to celebrate the New Year in the heart of Leo! This is a place where you will be offered the best living conditions, excellent service and unsurpassed mood – what could be better for New Year’s Eve?
That is why we have prepared an “explosive” offer for you: New Year’s Eve filled with unforgettable emotions, friendly company, fun prize draws, delicious dishes from our unsurpassed chef, as well as interesting and pleasant gifts for guests.
So, in the program of the evening you will find:

⭐️ Inflammatory duo of “Vlatar” hosts with a bright New Year’s program – believe me, they are real generators of “explosive” mood.
⭐️ One of the best DJs in StasON – I’m sure you’ve heard it on LuxFM and FreshFM radio stations.
⭐️ Show ballet “Edelweiss” with a Venetian show and LED show – this is a bright ballet, which consists of different styles and directions, which are inflammatory!
⭐️ Animator for children from “Vlatar” – while parents are resting, the youngest guests will be busy with various games and competitions.
⭐️ Inflammatory disco – we dance without restraining the driving mood!
⭐️ New Year’s menu with author’s dishes from the chef. We have created an exquisite menu with a combination of European and Italian cuisine, and as a compliment from the establishment you will find: a palette of premium cheese (gorgonzola, dor-blue, parmesan, picorino); antipasti (prosciutto crudo, salami, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olives, olives, baked peppers, pickled mushrooms); fruit slicing (grapes, tangerines, kiwis, strawberries); holiday cake and a bottle of sparkling!

You need to have friends, relatives and a good holiday mood, we will take care of everything else.
Well, after New Year’s Eve, the festive mood will not go anywhere, because you will have unforgettable walks through the historic city center – decorated with lights Market Square, Victory Avenue, unsurpassed City Hall, the legendary Lviv Opera House – all within a minute walk from the “Swiss”! In winter, the city is especially charming, its beauty is simply amazing – snow-covered streets, clean frosty air, holiday lights and a unique atmosphere of happiness! Also on the first of January, a Roman steam room is at your service – a place where you can relax after a hot night, do relaxation treatments and relax.
What could be more memorable than the New Year in the city of Leva?
You can learn more and book a table and rooms by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66
Uncork the champagne and wait for you!