Окрошка – холодний суп, який ресторан «Валентино» готуватиме влітку 2021

Okroshka is a cold soup that Valentino restaurant will prepare in the summer of 2022

As we have already said, okroshka is a kind of cold soup based on vegetables or meat. It belongs to the traditional dishes of Russian cuisine.

The word “okroshka” became frequently used in the early twentieth century and first appeared in recipe books in the book by O. Molokhovets “Gift to young housewives” in the 1901 edition. In the Russian Empire, the word “okroshka” appeared somewhere in the late nineteenth century, when other ingredients began to be added to the traditional tavern in taverns, including pieces of meat left on the bones after cooking, or from soaked corned beef. Teterya or Tyurya, as it is also called, is a soup-type dish that was formed in the culinary traditions of the poorest sections of the population of the Russian and Belarusian villages. This is a simple and not fancy calorie soup. In poor rural families, jail was often a daily dish until the 19th century. Usually kvass is used as a basis for preparation of turkey. Other components are bread, crusts (the top layer of bark of plants), onions. To all this was added grated radish and herbs. topped with vegetable oil. Boiled potatoes and other finely chopped vegetables were also added to the prison.

Okroshka is one of the varieties of cold soups that have long been present in the kitchens of other countries under the names “tarator”, “ovduh”, “khladnik”, “hopta”, “dzhazhik”, “sasik (Kunduk)”, “chalob” chalop “,” dogramach “,” matsnabrdosh “, refrigerator. The difference between the Russian version of this dish is that okroshka is prepared on kvass.

What kinds of okroshka do we cook in the Valentino restaurant?

We prepare: meat and vegetable okroshka, which can be seasoned with both kefir and kvass.

Okroshka has a lot of vitamins and microelements. In terms of the number of beneficial microorganisms, kvass, on which classic okroshka is prepared, is not inferior to kefir. It also improves digestion, metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Fiber, which is abundant in okroshka, has the best effect on the healing of beneficial intestinal microflora. The secret of satiety is hidden in the indigestion of fiber, which continues the feeling of fullness in the stomach and curbs appetite. Okroshka does not promote weight gain. So we are waiting for you on the terrace of the restaurant “Valentino” to enjoy the cold, fresh taste of this special dish on a hot summer day.

See you at the Valentino restaurant!