Parking lots in Lviv: information for tourists

Lviv parking lots: Information for tourists planning to visit Lviv by car

Lviv, a city of history, culture and incredible architecture, is always happy to welcome guests. If you decide to visit this charming city, it is important to know how and where to park your car. In this publication, we will look at parking lots in Lviv to make your trip more comfortable and safe.


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City parking lots

Lviv has many city parking lots located in the city center. One of the most popular is parking on Rynok Square. It is quite large, but it is always very full, especially during peak hours. The cost of parking here can be high.

Another variation is the parking lot on Horodotsky Street near the building of the main railway station of Lviv, which is not far from the city center. This parking lot is slightly more accessible, but can also be full during popular events and holidays. Also, almost every central street has several paid parking spaces.

Hotel parking lots

If you decide to stay in one of the hotels in Lviv, they usually provide parking for their guests. For example, the Swiss hotel has its own parking lot, which is very convenient for tourists. You can leave your car in the hotel’s parking lot for an additional fee and enjoy your vacation in the city center without additional worries.

Electronic Parking

Another convenient option is the use of electronic parking lots, which have become popular in recent years. There are several applications in Lviv that allow you to find a free parking space and pay for parking online. This allows you to avoid headaches associated with finding parking and paying for it.

Important tips from the team of the Swiss Hotel Lviv and the Valentino restaurant for guests who plan to arrive by car.

Morning Parking: If you plan to visit the city center, it is best to arrive early in the morning, when there are not so many cars on the road and there are more free parking spaces.

Pedestrian Areas: Be careful and do not park your car in areas where parking is prohibited, especially in pedestrian areas and on sidewalks. A fine may be issued for violation of parking rules.

Electronic Apps: Consider downloading apps to find and pay for parking. They make the process much more convenient and faster.

Lviv is a city worth visiting, and with the right parking planning you can enjoy all its great attractions. Whether you choose to use city parking, hotel parking or e-apps, it’s important to follow the rules and be careful on the road.

Parking lots in the city center:

Mickiewicz Square, UAH 10-20/hour;
Shevchenko Avenue, 10-12 – UAH 15/hour;
Rizni Square, 6 – underground parking, UAH 15/hour;
St. Havryshkevycha, st. Pekarska, st. Sichovyh Streltsiv, st. Hnatyuka, st. Vynnychenka, st. Lysenko

Important: On weekends and after 20:00, paid, unguarded parking lots are FREE


Guarded parking in the city center (cash payment)

Specially equipped parking lots: drive-in square Halytska, Svobody Ave., UAH 30/hour
sq. Knyazya Osmomysla, 30 hryvnias/hour
St. Horodotska, 23

Paid parking lots (nearby center)

Parking no. 5, st. Yaroslav the Wise, UAH 5-10/hour;
Forum shopping center – underground paid parking, str. Under the Oak, 7B, the first hour is free, 2 hours – UAH 20, each subsequent hour + UAH 20;
Shopping center New Point (Auchan), 16i Vyacheslav Chornovola Ave
“Arsen” supermarket, Chornovola Ave., 93, UAH 10/hour
Guarded parking near the railway station, square Dvirtseva, 5th zone, UAH 40/hour;

List of parking lots on the outskirts of the city:

Victoria Gardens shopping center on the street Kulparkivska, 226a (free indoor and outdoor parking)
Vam shopping center on the street Naukovoi, 35A (free of charge)
Shopping center Fabrik on the street Stryyska, 45 (free of charge)
King Cross Leopolis shopping center on the street Stryyska, 30, Sokolnyky (free indoor and outdoor parking)
METRO, st. Horodotska, 300 (free of charge)
Epicenter, str. Horodotska, 302 (free of charge)

The list of addresses of parking lots for guests of the Swiss Hotel Lviv is taken from the official tourist site of Lviv