Pasta alla carbonara

Pasta with carbonara (Pasta alla carbonara)

Carbonara is a traditional Italian pasta, which was invented in the middle of the XX century. Pasta Carbonara is traditional for the Italian region of Lazio, which capital is Rome. In other countries, cream and smoked bacon are often added to the sauce for this paste. There are many versions of the origin of this dish, but the most truthful is the one that was invented in the region of “Abruzzo”.

This region is famous for its industry, and people needed fast and nutritious food. Usually miners took with them a piece of corned beef, pasta, sheep cheese and eggs, all mixed and sprinkled with black pepper. The name originated from black pepper, which symbolized coal “carbon”.

Valentino is the first Italian restaurant that was opened in Lviv. Chefs from Italy are constantly working on our menu. They skillfully share their culinary experience with sub-chefs: Mykhailo Zmysny and Dmytro Danchak. In our restaurant we serve Carbonara, perfected with the addition of cream, egg yolk and Parmesan, but on clients request, we can prepare authentic Italian Carbonara!