Lean menu in Lviv. We are waiting for the Christmas holidays

Christmas fast 2021: when it starts, how long it lasts and how to prepare. Lean menu in the restaurant “Valentino” at the Swiss Hotel

This is the second most important fast after Lent.

On November 28, 2021, the Orthodox Church begins the Christmas fast, which ends on January 7 – the feast of the Nativity of Christ. This is the second most important fast after Lent.

The Christmas fast lasts 40 days, but because it is blessed to eat fish, it is considered less severe than Lent.

How to properly prepare for Christmas fasting and in general – why exactly you need to fast on Christmas Eve.

General rules of preparation for fasting

Any fast is the main spiritual practice of Orthodox Christians. Spiritually, it is an attempt to prepare body and soul for death and resurrection.

In fasting a person spiritually “dies” for entertainment and bodily pleasures, self-aggrandizement. To endure it completely, the church begins to prepare its faithful in a few weeks.

Preparing for fasting is first of all tuning the strings of our soul to light, good and merciful.

Why you need to set your soul for fasting

The human soul is like an instrument. It must be constantly adjusted, checked, cleaned – that is, take care of it. When the instrument is poorly tuned, it will not be able to play beautifully.

So is the soul – it can play beautifully if taken care of. The spiritual tuning fork of this setting is prayer and reading spiritual books, listening to Sunday sermons.

These rules will help you calm down, slow down the pace of life and be alone in the depths of your heart.

We have prepared for you a special fasting menu in the Valentino restaurant at the Swiss Hotel.

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