Pizza Margarita. How to cook? Recipe from the chef of the restaurant Valentino in Lviv. Mykhailo Zmysnyi tells

Pizza Margarita. How to cook? Recipe from the chef of the restaurant Valentino in Lviv. Mykhailo Zmysnyi tells

I really like pizza! As they say in such cases – most likely in a past life I was Italian! Every day in the restaurant “Valentino” we cook about 20 pizzas.

So, let’s start directly with pizza. I will answer the first question at once – use anything and in any combinations. If we are not talking about Margarita – then use any products that will remain with you after work. These can be pieces of meat, sausages, herbs, vegetables, cheeses, mushrooms and more.

Remove the dough, tomato sauce and herbs. Now prepare the filling. Cut tomatoes into thin rings. And yes, cut all the ingredients thinner – because the pizza is cooked for 3-4 minutes and we do not need semi-finished vegetables. But the cheese is cut into thick bars 1 cm thick. I always use mozzarella, let’s say it’s a cheese that is very resistant to temperatures – that is, it melts slowly and you have to wait a very long time until it starts to boil – it’s in our favor. When all the filling is ready, start cooking. Sprinkle the table with flour and roll the ball into a thin layer, no thicker than 3 mm. I do this: I held a rolling pin in one direction, turned it over, sprinkled it with flour and held it with a rolling pin in the opposite direction. And so several times. So the shape will be round, not elongated (if you roll in one direction). You do not need a lot of flour, just run a dusty hand on the surface of the dough. Next, I use a plate to make the pizza shape as round as possible. Carefully transfer the finished dough to parchment (or roll out immediately on it). Spoon the tomato sauce into the center of the dough – here choose the one you like best, preferably with herbs, garlic, pepper and quite thick, you can take a good quality tomato paste. And smear it with a spoon. If you like pizza with sides – wrap the edges of the dough around the perimeter. In any case, do not go with the sauce to the very edge of the pizza. Then randomly scatter pieces of cheese. There are two classic ways – cheese on top of the whole filling and at the bottom (in the sauce). The second option is better – the cheese seems to bind the filling and connects the cake with the filling so that it does not slip. On top of grass (half) and tomato rings. Pepper, spices and a couple more pieces of cheese on top. Preheat the oven to maximum. Transfer the pizza with parchment to a hot baking sheet (let it rest in the oven for 10 minutes before transferring the pizza to it) and bake on the bottom shelf for 3-6 minutes. During this time, the cake will be covered with a ruddy crust, and the filling will be cooked. The indicator here is cheese. It begins to melt and almost loses its shape, but has not yet turned into a puddle. Allow the finished pizza to cool slightly, literally a minute. Cut with a special knife. It is important to us that the filling does not fall apart and does not move. I sprinkle fresh herbs on top. And of course you need to eat pizza with your hands (forming a triangle in half) with good wine and your favorite people and of course in the Italian restaurant “Valentino”, which is located on Nyzhankivsky Street, 20 in the building of the architectural monument, behind the monument to Vladimir Ivasyuk!


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