Pros and cons of public declaration of love

Many young people dream of presenting themselves stunningly, vividly during some event (concert, play, dinner in a restaurant). Holiday flash mobs, performances by pop artists, walks, hiking in the mountains, and this can be done even while rafting the river can be counted among these activities. We will tell you what you need to know and take into account when you intend to make a public declaration.

Let’s talk about it from the restaurant team, where certification takes place almost every day.

1. Your certificate will definitely be remembered. Beloved will remember this event for a long time and be sure that she will definitely share the impression with all her relatives and family. We are sure that your happiness will look forward to photos and videos from the photographer and videographer to share these experiences with followers on Instagram and TikTok, as well as with friends and colleagues on Facebook.
2. The emotions and happiness that a loved one will feel at the moment of confirmation cannot be compared to anything in life. We often saw tears welling up in the eyes of the girls, they said “It’s unbelievable…I don’t believe…”, and of course we heard the cherished “Yes”.
3. Your beloved’s friends will definitely be slightly jealous, in a good way, of course, of such a certificate. And also, they will tell their boys about this adventure.. “how cool it was and what, they dream about it too.” You will become an example, an ideal that your bride will be proud of.
4. Very often, when during dinner in our restaurant “Valentino” the guys proposed, all the guests, without exception, sincerely cheered for the lovers, they created thunderous applause, loud applause, and when she finally said “Yes”, these applause and shouts became even louder and more expressive.
5. Will you worry? Of course you will! After all, this is the most responsible moment of your life. We know one thing for sure – you will manage, and we will certainly help you in this.

1. This may come as a surprise. Your girlfriend will probably not expect that on this particular day you will confess your love to her. There were such cases. when girls said to their boyfriends: “why didn’t you tell me, I would have done my hair” or “I would have worn that new dress I recently bought”.
2. Maybe your beloved dreams of an elegant design, not a public declaration? If you do not guess her wishes, she may not be so happy.
3. A girl may not feel very comfortable with a large number of people.
4. Often guys decide to take such a step when they have a fight with a girl. You should not make a declaration when you are not all right in the relationship.

Remember, the team of the “Valentino” restaurant is always ready to come to your meeting and help realize exactly your vision of the certificate that you and your beloved will tell your children and grandchildren about. Restaurant “Valentino” unites hearts.

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