The origin of wine

The origin of wine, and how it affects the price of wine in a restaurant.

Relatively inexpensive available wine is a mass product that can be compared to the clothes of mass-market brands Zara or H & M. Most often it is good and high quality, but not unique. They are produced in huge numbers to meet daily demand and are usually devoid of the potential for aging. This year, this wine can be produced in a circulation of 200 thousand bottles, and next year in 500 thousand, if there is demand. Grapes for such wines are harvested in huge areas and mixed to obtain medium quality. But expensive wine has a different origin. Its circulation is limited to the boundaries of a unique vineyard – it is impossible to make more wine than grapes harvested on it.

Otherwise, the winemaker will be branded as an unscrupulous producer and deprived of the right to vote in a decent society. For example, in Burgundy, such vineyards are called Grand Cru and each of them has its own unique soil composition, climate and history. The wine from the Grand Cru vineyards is special in nature. They can be compared to an exclusive designer thing or a premium car – “That’s just me and Michael Jackson!”.

Want to learn as much as possible about wine, its origin and production – the sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino” will be happy to tell you all the details of the production of a wine.
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