Приготування стейків в ресторані «Валентино»

Cooking steaks in the restaurant “Valentino”

Ribeye is the most famous steak in the world.

Ribeye is a thick edge of 6 to 12 ribs of the animal which is located at the intersection of the six muscles that are least involved in the movement of the animal. A significant part of the fat layers melt during the preparation of the steak, softening the muscle fibers, and the meat is extremely juicy, getting a unique delicate taste.

Classic ribeye is usually prepared from a marbled beef grain.

A huge advantage of Ribeye steak is its versatility: the steak can be easily cooked at home in an ordinary frying pan, grilled in nature or eaten at the Valentino restaurant in the center of Lviv, a five-minute walk from Rynok Square. In all cases, Ribeye steak is a classic of the most exquisite meat dishes. Before cooking the meat, it is necessary to “breathe” it so that the steak becomes tender and juicy, says the co-chef of our Italian restaurant “Valentino” Dmitry Danchak.

Ribeye steak is prepared according to the following principle: firstly, on a high heat to form a crust, and then – on a moderate or weak. After cooking, cover the meat with foil and let it rest for a few minutes. The recommended degree of frying for Ribeye steak is medium.

 See you at the Valentino restaurant.