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Restaurant “Valentino” joined the Lviv mutual support project “Suspended service”

In Lviv, a charity project of mutual support “Suspended service” was introduced. Residents of Lviv will be able to pay in advance for a service or product in an institution for a stranger who needs it.

In Lviv, the mutual support initiative “Suspended service” was launched. According to the model of “suspended coffee”, Lviv residents will be able to present many more goods or services to other people. First of all, they will be offered to displaced persons, military personnel and their relatives, and orphans.

As reported by the press service of LMR, people will be able to “hang up” a book, souvenir, dessert, entrance tickets to a museum, gallery, theater, excursion and other things. A visitor to an establishment that participates in the project will be able to pay for a service or product, and the next guest will be able to use it. Local businesses are asked to join the project to expand the list of services.

The head of the Lviv tourism department, Khrystyna Lebed, said that the idea arose from messages on social networks from foreigners who wanted to give coffee or dinner to the migrants.

“At first, we helped them contact food establishments in our city, but later we decided to develop this idea and expand the range of services that can be given to others. Because of the war, many people deny themselves coffee or a trip to the theater. We don’t want people to deny themselves rest and emotions, because this is important for our mental health, so we decided to organize such an action. At the same time, we are talking about supporting entrepreneurs and cultural institutions,” explained Khrystyna Lebed.

Mykhailo Shevelyuk, one of the partners of the project, the marketing manager of the Valentino restaurant, noted that they also often received requests from visitors to pay for coffee for the military.

“We inform the guests of our establishment that it is possible to purchase coffee, tea, other drinks, desserts, lunch, and in this way “suspend” this order, and it will be able to be used by the military, compatriots from the occupied territories, as well as Ukrainians who need it.” Mykhailo Shevelyuk added.


The partners of the “Suspended service” project in Lviv are:


The National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytskyi
Olena Kulchytska Museum
State Natural History Museum
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv named after Klymentia Sheptytskyi – Shevchenkivskyi Hay
Lviv Museum of the History of Religion
Glass Museum
Interactive museum “D.S. Secret Pharmacy”
Museum and cultural complex of beer history “Lvivarnya”
Museum “Ancient Lviv”

Concert halls

Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music
Lviv National Philharmonic

Places of rest

Bear shelter “Domazhyr”

Excursion services

Travel company “Miracle Tour”
Tour operator “Visit”

Food establishments

The chain of restaurant groups “Kumpel Group” and “Pizza Celentano”
Cafe “Vermenka”
“Military” coffee
Svyatoyura coffee shop
Restaurant “Valentino”


Dodo Socks store
Tourist information center of Lviv

To reserve a table at a restaurant in the center of Lviv and “hang” a dish or drink – please call and ask about this possibility directly at the establishment

Contact phone numbers:

+38 (097) 23 56 777
+38 (032) 23 56 766