Christmas basket 2022 in Lviv from the restaurant “Valentino”!

The day before Christmas you have the opportunity to order a Christmas basket.
⠀Orders that will be made  today will be prepared for tomorrow (06.01.21).

The Christmas basket consists of:
✨ Marinated white mushrooms (400 g.)
✨Herring with onion and pickle (200/160/100/80)
✨Vinigrette (400 g.)
✨Dumplings with potatoes (400 g.)
✨Dumplings with cabbage (400 g.)
✨Dummies (8 pcs.)
✨ Box (500 g.)
✨Pottle rolls (6pcs.)
✨Fish jellied with Dorado (400 g.)
✨Motter mushroom (400 g.)
✨Borsch with ears (1 l.)
✨compote (1 l.)
✨Bread (500 g.)

COST OF THE BASKET: 2300 hryvnias.

You can also order delivery.

You can order a banquet or order delivery by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66