Fish in Lviv restaurants. Chilean sea bass baked

                                      Chilean sea bass is a useful delicacy prepared at the Valentino restaurant in Lviv
True gourmets and just fish lovers should never miss the opportunity to meet such fish as sea bass, or, as it is also called, sea wolf – one of the most delicious representatives of the “premium” class available on the market today. This expensive delicacy is served in all best restaurants worldwide, including a restaurant in the center of Lviv, the Valentino restaurant.
Sea bass is a completely versatile fish. In cooking, there are many ways to cook it, from roasting to grilling. Sea bass dishes are united by one feature – to cook them is not easy, but it is quite fast. This is facilitated by almost complete absence of bones, which means that you significantly save time.
We cook Chilean sea bass by baking it in a banana leaf with rice, coconut milk and it is served with Bulgarian pepper stew, says the chef of the exquisite family restaurant in Lviv with its own parking slots.
In our restaurant “Valentino”, we cook this dish in a special way.
We will be glad to see you at the Valentino restaurant.

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