HALAL certificate and “halal products”

Currently, the halal industry is one of the most promising industries, gradually developing around the world. In the consumer market of Ukraine, the demand for “halal” products is growing rapidly and no one is surprised by the presence of “halal” shelves in supermarkets. Products made according to HALAL standards are popular not only among Muslims, but also among buyers of other religions.

The term “halal” is derived from the Arabic word “al-halal”, which means – what is allowed. The word has a fairly broad meaning, but outside the Arab world it is used when it comes to food. “Halal” products are those that are made in accordance with Sharia law and are “pure products of spiritual origin.” For Muslims, the HALAL icon is a confirmation that they are buying a product made in accordance with all Muslim traditions and does not contain components that are prohibited. use by members of this religion, namely:

pork – according to Muslims, pigs are carriers of serious diseases, respectively – their meat can harm human health;
blood and some organs of animals;
meat of predators and birds – the ban is due to the fact that carnivores are carriers of various diseases;
dog and donkey meat;
the meat of animals slaughtered without prayer, ie in an inappropriate manner. The same applies to animals that have died from injury or suffocation;

The Halal certificate, in turn, confirms the compliance of the products with the requirements of Sharia. It should be noted that in Islam spoiled food and anything that can harm human health is prohibited. That is why HALAL dictates quite strict requirements not only for raw materials used in the manufacture of “halal” products, but also for staff, production facilities, tools used by workers, overalls, packaging and labeling.

The Halal Certification Department carefully examines absolutely all components of the product. This is necessary to make sure that the product does not contain “supercharger”. This means that it does not contain “impurities”, such as carrion, drugs and those that can cause intoxication, substances of animal origin (fat, blood, bones). Particular attention is paid to the absence of food dyes and impurities that artificially increase the shelf life.

Obtaining the HALAL certificate is a thorough study of the production line by a group of specialists who have relevant knowledge not only on the religion of Islam, but also in the field of production, biology, chemistry and other necessary sciences. After the production audit procedure, the results of the analyzes are passed to the head of the Halal certificate issuance department in order to start considering the possibility of obtaining the relevant certificate. HALAL is a brand of quality and trust. Manufacturers of all civilized countries today hold a certificate of conformity “HALAL”. This is a new level of standards that can significantly expand the geography of distribution.

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