Veal steak with barbecue sauce. How we cook at the Valentino restaurant in Lviv. Dmytro Danchak recommends

No one will argue that for many, summer is associated with two changes in food: the dishes are becoming simpler and less fancy, we often cook in nature (on an open fire or charcoal). And then there are the long holidays on the nose. Therefore, we open the summer season with veal steak with barbecue sauce.

It does not matter whether you cook it all at home in the kitchen or in the woods on a charcoal grill, the recipe and technology will be the same, and the taste will impress the imagination. Everyone knows that we love a good steak for its juicy fiber and beautiful fried crust. An excellent and fragrant sauce will suit it. You can serve it all in cardboard plates or on expensive porcelain.

Let’s start cooking! Let me remind you that steaks are a very delicate matter, like wine. Everyone loves their varieties and cuts of meat, has priorities by country of origin, juiciness and appearance. I advise you to choose the best cuts you can afford, a good steak. Our marinade is simple, but interesting and fragrant. In a plate with the sides mix the juice of one lime, a tablespoon of oyster sauce (you can take a thick balsamic, or a teaspoon of sesame oil). There we chop a couple of cloves of garlic. I did not cut it into small pieces so that you could then remove the garlic from the meat after the marinade. Mix the marinade well and roll the meat in it. Turning every 2-3 minutes, I marinated the meat for 15 minutes. Thanks to lime acid, you can not be afraid and keep the meat on the table (not in the cold).

Put the pan on high heat and heat it thoroughly. It is necessary that it almost began to smoke. If you have a grill, you don’t need oil. If the pan is normal, put a cube of butter (30 g) in it. Remove the meat from the marinade. I removed all the pieces of garlic and wiped well with a damp towel. Dry surface is a guarantee of a good crust. Put the piece on the grill and fry for 4 minutes. Turn over and fry for another 3 minutes. If you have thicker or thinner pieces of meat – vary the time. Then it all depends on your preference for the degree of frying. You can put the meat in the oven, which cools down after the potatoes and tomatoes, for 4-7 minutes.

We serve everything together, with a good red wine Merlot, which can recommend you a sommelier of our restaurant. Also, while the steak is being prepared, the sommelier can take you to the wine cellar to choose the wine you like.

Dmytro Danchak, the chef of the Valentino restaurant located at the Swiss Hotel Lviv, told

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