ресторан з генератором

Candles, generators and a special menu: How a restaurant in Lviv works during blackouts

Damage to Ukraine’s energy system facilities as a result of Russian shelling also affects the life of restaurants. On the one hand, the establishments themselves are trying to limit electricity consumption: they refuse flashlights and terraces, advertising signs and even bright lighting in the halls and invite to candlelight dinners.

They even launched a #savethelight flash mob, under which posts are published about how they save electricity.

On the other hand, restaurants are adapting to fan outages when there is no electricity at all: creating special menus, stocking up on generators, and remodeling kitchens to rely less on electric grills and stoves.

Valentino Restaurant in Lviv also takes measures during martial law to optimize the operation of the establishment during emergency power outages in our city of Lviv. Our establishment switches to energy conservation mode: we will have candlelit dinners, use a minimum of lighting and battery-powered lamps. In the event of a power outage and the inability to connect a diesel generator – we will develop a special Candle Menu, which we will offer in a romantic atmosphere with candles. The Valentino restaurant also halved its electricity consumption. We invite people whose electricity has been cut off to come to the facility to warm up, drink tea and enjoy our signature Napoleon cake and recharge their gadgets. Also, if in the event of a power outage, meals will still be prepared in the establishment: on gas stoves. In addition, the institution temporarily abandoned light signs and light bulbs on the panoramic terrace. During air alarms, guests are transferred to the wine hall on the -1st floor.

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