Fresh salad with watermelon and garlic. Blog from the chef of the Valentino restaurant

At the weekend he was in the capital and managed to try the summer menu in one of the establishments in Kiev. I liked the dish with ice cream, watermelon and scallop, the unusual combination worked perfectly on the overall impression. So, inspired by the game of watermelon and seafood, I decided to make my own variation – a light fresh salad. It simultaneously refreshes mint, invigorates garlic, gives the necessary moisture of watermelon juice and satiety, thanks to shrimp. A simple but effective dressing puts the finishing touch to this masterpiece. Try it all, be sure! And finally, I recommend cooking this salad at home. You will be incredibly happy with the result. And now to the point …

Interesting: Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable. On the one hand, it is sweet and grows from seed, but on the other it belongs to the same family as cucumbers and pumpkins.
In a mortar, combine coriander (1 tsp, you can take the seeds), salt and pepper, garlic (2 cloves).
Mash everything into a paste, add oyster sauce (60 ml), lemon juice (60 ml) and sesame oil (1 tsp).
Fry nuts (50 g, walnuts, cashews, cedar – to your taste) in a dry pan until a pleasant aroma.
Peel the shrimp (450 g), leaving the tails. Fry in olive oil in a hot pan for 1 minute on each side.
Peel a watermelon (500 g) and cut it into large cubes.
Peel a tangerine (1 piece, you can use a small grapefruit or an orange), divide it into slices and remove the films from them.
Combine fruit and dressing in a bowl, sprinkle with nuts and mix. Serve with mint leaves.

Try to cook this incredible salad at home and write to us if you like it. It will be very valuable for us to hear your opinion, because we try to be the best and improve for the guests of the restaurant “Valentino”.

And soon we will announce the autumn menu in the best restaurant in Lviv, located at the hotel “Swiss”.

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