The strength of a winemaker’s brand

The strength of a winemaker’s brand or individual winemaker and how it affects the promotion of wine

Many of us want to put a bottle with a big name on the table and it doesn’t matter how delicious its contents will be – the main thing is that the guests appreciate the gesture! But do not scold the “damned capitalists”. Behind a high-profile brand, as a rule, there is an interesting story, which is always interesting to tell at the table, and the quality of branded wines is usually at a high level – no one wants image losses for the brand.

Demand is higher than supply. Why does this happen?

If you suddenly decide to buy a bottle of Bordeaux, we advise you to think about it now as in most cases the wines of future harvests until 2020-2025 have long been sold out. That is, the wine has not yet been made, but has already been purchased! The wine was bought by collectors, large trading houses and just rich buyers from around the world. If experts predict a successful harvest in the future, the prices for not yet produced wines reach sky-high heights.
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