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Tiramisu cupcakes
There are many different recipes in our blog. And it has dozens of recipes that have not been appreciated, or lost in the tape of others and new guests or visitors to the site do not even see them. In our restaurant “Valentino” there are many other decent desserts, such as: “Napoleon” cake, cherry and apple strudels, cheesecake and many others, which I will write to you later! We cook our tiramisu in a bowl. I know that very often this dessert is prepared in the form of a cake. Today I will tell you how to make cap-cakes “Tiramisu”.

There is no limit to perfection and I am happy that I can improve what previously seemed to me the pinnacle of confectionery art and human capabilities. For me, this is an analysis of errors or lack of knowledge, and for you a recipe that can be used years later without a doubt as a result.
As many as seven years ago, I made tiramisu cupcakes. All according to the classics of this dessert, but in a new form of cake in a basket. I recently opened it and, of course, was very surprised. As always, when it comes to confectionery, the devil hid in the little things. Slightly different proportions, a completely different temperature regime, Lifehack with maturation and here I am eating a still empty cupcake – the delight spills inside me, how delicious it turned out. The excitement in his eyes and the motivation to move on did their job.

It took a recipe, my favorite notebook, a calculator and one practice. I made the cupcakes more textured and not afraid of impregnation, while not being dry and brittle in themselves. Impregnation makes them more fleshy, softer and “tiramisus”. Next innovation – coffee filling cappuccino! It will make the dessert more modern, complex and voluminous. Today we love liquid centers, especially if they enhance the whole taste idea. On top of a cap of cream – do not believe it, but I did almost the same (in composition), changing only the cooking technology. In the dessert menu of the restaurant “Valentino”, quite a lot of desserts for the preparation of which a variety of creams are used. We are in the center of Lviv – so we are in the center of attention and, accordingly, all guests of the city and citizens pay attention to our dessert menu, which can fight for the championship with such giants as “Sugar” and “Veronica”.

Aroma cocoa powder on top with a fantastic aroma and style of the same Italian design.

Well, I present to you “cupcake tiramisu”. Gentle dough with coffee impregnation, cappuccino center and a cap of melted ice cream with mascarpone.
Savoyard cupcakes
Eggs – 2 pcs
Yolks – 2 pcs
Coconut sugar – 140 g
Flour – 165 g
Baking powder – 3 g
Butter 82.5% – 50 g
Milk – 60 g
In classic tiramisu, we use Savoyard cookies, which are as dry as breadcrumbs to absorb maximum moisture. We make cupcakes using the same technology with a similar composition, but we make them juicier, because a cupcake is, after all, a slightly different dessert.
Plus, you can use them yourself, changing the impregnation (or giving it up), adding those creams that you like best.
Collect two yolks, two eggs and coconut sugar (140 g) in a bowl and beat until fluffy.
At this time, in a measuring cup, melt the butter (50 g) and add the milk (60 g).
The dough will flow in a stream.
Add flour (165 g) and baking powder (3 g). From now on we do not use the mixer, only a silicone spatula.
At the end, pour in the liquid ingredients.
Pour the dough into a large pastry bag. Insert the paper capsules into the silicone mold. This is the most convenient way to bake cupcakes: the capsules do not slip (as in metal molds), and the capsules themselves are more beautiful than those with a reinforced neck.
Pour 60-65 grams of dough into each capsule. You just get 6-7 pieces. Bake at 150 degrees for about 30 minutes.

We are waiting for the first blush.
We are waiting for you to visit the restaurant “Valentino” so that you can taste the most delicious dessert “Tiramisu” in Lviv.

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