How and where to spend an autumn evening with your beloved?

When autumn comes, it’s time when you can meet rain more and more often on the street, and on cool mornings and evenings, you want to cover yourself with a warm blanket, holding a hot mulled wine in your hands and a loved one next to you.

This is not surprising, because you came tired after work, and there is no desire to do anything except watch a movie together. Especially if the autumn weather does not allow you to go to nature.
So, before choosing gadgets or a TV screen, let’s see how you can have an interesting evening.

  • Cooking dinner together. It is during this class that you can have a great conversation, share impressions about the day, plan the weekend and just enjoy the process. Or, if you are not in the mood to cook yourself – order dishes from the Valentino restaurant in Lviv, and in the meantime get ready to watch your favorite movie.
  • Arrange an evening of dancing. Even if you are firmly convinced that you lack a sense of rhythm and plasticity, do not be lazy and find in the whole variety of styles exactly the one to which your body is asking for a dance. It’s so wonderful when your bodies move in the same rhythm of the dance and you share a good mood with your significant other.
  • A walk is an ideal option to spend an evening together: the main thing is to dress warmly and choose a route to your liking. You can visit it at 20 Knyazya Roman Street, where the historical building of the Swiss Hotel is located, which, according to legend, was opened by a Swiss man and a woman from Lviv. The festive and romantic atmosphere of this hotel will immerse you in romantic memories. If you are already here, you must visit the Valentino restaurant, where coziness and a romantic atmosphere reign, and on the weekends the magical sounds of the violin, saxophone, and guitar are heard. You can either make it yourself or choose an option from many interesting excursions – historical or romantic, walking or cycling. You will be surprised how many new places you will discover in your hometown.
  • PHOTOSESSION. Who thinks that photoshoots are only needed for special events? On the contrary, it should be done in order to simply have fun together, because the process of choosing a location, images and your unique style is fascinating! You can make a photo session in the rooms of the Swiss Hotel or on the panoramic terrace of this hotel. In addition to the positive emotions you will feel during the photo session, you will have unique photos to remember.
    We suggest spending this autumn Sunday evening as comfortably as possible!

    Choose your favorite dishes at the Valentino restaurant and organize a movie night at home

    We have prepared for you a list of the best films for autumn:
  • Duplex (2003)
  • Pride and Prejudice (2005)
  • Autumn in New York (2000)
  • House by the Lake (2006)
  • Imaginary Love (2010)

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