How to describe wine?

How to describe wine? Oleg Kurako, a sommelier of the Valentino restaurant, tells

Why are sommelier conversations sometimes called “bird’s tongue”?
Sometimes the sommelier’s language is difficult to understand due to its overload of slang, specific local terms and foreign words. This is normal and inherent in any narrow field.
The bad news is that it can take years to master this language. The good news is that the average wine lover doesn’t need it, because you can always come to the Valentino restaurant and talk to our sommelier. But how can a lover describe wine correctly?

Let’s start with the question: Dry or Sweet?”Do we take dry or semi-sweet?” – This question can often be heard in restaurants in Lviv. And the guests are right – the sugar content is perhaps the most important factor in taste. When we say “dry”, we mean wine in which the yeast has eaten all the natural sugar during fermentation. Beginners call such wines sour, and connoisseurs appreciate the natural taste and harmonious combination with food.
Wines can be semi-sweet, semi-dry and sweet. Natural sugar gives a sweet taste to quality wines. Cheaper sweeten with sugar on the outside. Sometimes, to hide the mistakes of the winemaker – sugar because it masks everything. Thus, the words “dry” or “sweet” can describe the degree of sugar content in wine – natural, which was in the berry or artificial, which got into the wine from the outside.
Our sommelier is waiting for you to discover the extremely interesting world of wine in an authentic wine cellar.

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