Tips for sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino”

How to assess the quality of wine. Tips for sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino”

It is quite natural that the average buyer of wine in Lviv restaurants does not know how to choose wine professionally.
When you visit the best restaurant in Lviv “Valentino” next time, choose the wine you like, or ask sommelier Oleg Kurako to offer you.
“A good wine can be chosen according to three criteria: balance, complexity and completeness,” says sommelier Oleg Kurako.
We will now describe these criteria for you in more detail. Balanced wine has no flavors. For example, the drink does not give a strong alcohol content and is not sour.
The complexity of wine is the presence of various shades that enrich the taste.
The wine is considered complete when the taste of the drink remains after swallowing.
“Mediocre wines disappear quickly, and good ones leave an aftertaste,” says the sommelier of our restaurant. When you taste wine, it must satisfy your taste buds according to these three criteria.
You can find out more about how to evaluate wine according to these criteria by visiting our restaurant “Valentino”, which is located in the center of Lviv, near Rynok Square.

See you at the Valentino restaurant!
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