Greek salad in Valentino

How to cook a perfect GREEK SALAD

Greek salad is an ideal option for any event, because it can be prepared quickly.
Today, the chefs of the restaurant “Valentino” will share with you a classic summer recipe for Greek salad with feta.
*Peel peppers from seeds and cut out the white thickenings, then cut it into large strips.
*Cut tomatoes into large pieces.
*Cut cucumbers in half and slice them (peel cucumbers).
*Cut onions into strips.
*Pour olive oil into a bowl. Add lemon juice.
*Add salt to the mixture.
*Put all the vegetables in a bowl, pour the sauce.
*Stir in vegetables.
*Cut feta into cubes.
*Put lettuce leaves on a plate, put vegetables.
*Spread feta cubes on top.
*Finally put the olives.
*Serve salad.
In Valentino restaurant, we also add fresh mushrooms, olives and a slice of lemon, which adds to our salad features and uniqueness.
We will be glad to see you to prepare for you not only this, but also many other delicious salads.