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A wedding is a significant event that should happen in the life of a man and a woman only once, and it remains in memory forever. And how bright and pleasant these memories will be depends on a competent approach to the preparation of this event.

A wedding is an event that is very important in the lives of newlyweds and their parents. They prepare for it very responsibly, carefully and carefully. Preparation for the wedding is a very important moment for both the bride and the groom. There is a stereotype that organizing a wedding is very easy: choose a restaurant, hire a presenter, come up with a program and menu. This is certainly not the case. A wedding is a thousand small nuances, some of which are not as easy to solve as it seems at first glance.
That is why professional event managers should be involved in wedding preparations. Of course, the key points of the holiday are always coordinated directly with the newlyweds, but routine tasks are handled by the organizers, whose extensive experience allows solving any problems quickly and in the best way.
By organizing a wedding yourself, you run the risk of getting tired and not fully enjoying the entire event, as, in any case, there will be nuances that require immediate resolution and your presence. If the organization is handled by a professional manager, then the entire event is done for you and it will be your day. It is worth considering that the event manager, organizing the wedding, sees all the parts of the mosaic and will be able to put them together into one beautiful picture. Everything will interact: concept, design, music, light, creating a unique and only your story.

Experienced wedding organizers of the recreational hotel and restaurant complex Swiss Hotel, in which the restaurant “Valentino” operates, will prepare and organize your wedding with pleasure and in the best traditions. Our staff consists of experienced and talented professionals, real masters of creating holidays, thanks to which you can be sure that the most important day of your life will also be the best.

Wedding decor

For the newlyweds, a wedding banquet is a good way to arrange the celebration exactly as you want, and also to demonstrate your care and respect to the guests. Therefore, wedding decor is an integral element in the organization of a wedding event, which creates and sets the tone for the upcoming event.
Often even the smallest and, it would seem, not very attractive component is decisive. That is why it is better to entrust this responsible process of preparing for a solemn event to professionals. Experienced event managers of the Swiss Hotel recreation complex will help you realize all your innermost dreams, determine the concept and style of the future celebration and hold a fabulous banquet, saving the newlyweds from the usual worries.
Popular colors: mint wedding, mint-lilac wedding, blueberry wedding, pink wedding, peach wedding, mauve wedding, powder wedding, black and white wedding, red wedding, white and blue wedding.
We conceptually approach each wedding and do everything to make each wedding unique and unique.

Wedding scenarios and styles

For an ideal celebration, you need a well-thought-out scenario of the event from its very beginning until the moment when the last guests leave for their homes.
Long gone are the days when all weddings were as alike as two drops of water. Today, the wedding ceremony is a holiday dedicated to both the newlyweds and their relatives and friends, and a well-thought-out wedding arrangement is a mandatory attribute of the most important event in the life of the future couple. We can offer to organize an official ceremony on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant, which is located on the roof of the Swiss hotel in Lviv.
A wedding played according to its own unique scenario remains in the memory of the spouses and guests for the rest of their lives. This is an infinitely warm and joyful impression, which will be talked about a year, ten years, and fifty years after the ceremony. At a family holiday at a common table, relaxing with friends, in conversations with children – the wedding will always be remembered, and these memories should be the brightest, purest and most beautiful.
Experienced event managers of the Swiss hotel in Lviv recreation complex create unique wedding scenarios. We take into account absolutely all nuances.
For example, the newlyweds can sign at the registry office – then, upon approval, our event manager will prescribe a scenario, starting from the moment the guests appear on the territory of our establishment: we will organize a meeting and gathering of guests, escort them to their destination on the territory, organize a spectacular appearance of the newlyweds, prescribe a scenario away registration, the scenario of the banquet up to its final chords. In addition, taking into account the concept of the wedding, we select characters, form and style of clothing, musical arrangement, conduct photo sessions, raffles, surprises and much more. We will provide the contacts of a qualified wedding planner to create a fairy tale for you.

Organizing a wedding banquet in the Swiss hotel in Lviv recreation complex is an opportunity to create an unforgettable celebration that will remain in the memory of the newlyweds and guests for many years to come.
It is not easy to organize a good banquet, because every such event is, first of all, numerous guests, each of whom it is important to show respect. And today, a good banquet is not only excellent and diverse cuisine, but also a special atmosphere that will make the event unforgettable.
Our establishment has everything for holding a significant event: a variety of banquet halls, infrastructure, impeccable cuisine, exceptionally responsible staff and rich experience in this field.
The Swiss hotel in Lviv recreation complex is ready to organize and hold a banquet for up to 50 people at the highest level. In our work, we take into account every little detail, not leaving out any wish of the guests and creating a truly impressive event.
You can be sure – your event will receive an individual design, selected menu, unique scenario, music design.

Candy bar or sweet buffet table

Traditionally, it is customary to make a wedding cake for a wedding. But now more and more brides want to surprise their guests, so they order whole buffet sweet tables, or as they say “candy bar”. Many different desserts are placed on it: cakes, macaroons, candies, jellies and much more. It is very important to arrange all this not only deliciously, but also beautifully and aesthetically.


A glass of champagne

This is one of the brightest elements at the wedding, which emphasizes the sophistication and beauty of this event. A pyramid constructed of glasses filled with champagne is a tradition that dates back over 200 years! Back in the 19th century, such pyramids were built at the weddings of high-ranking and respected gentlemen! We will suggest partners who will make this beauty for you.

Wedding cake

Rings, wedding dress, bride’s bouquet, guests, photographers, champagne and … of course, wedding cake! A cake is not just a wedding decoration and a tasty treat for its guests. This is a true symbol of this wonderful event, a unique work of art in the confectionery world. We are ready to make the most daring and unusual wedding cake to order, with a unique design and any level of complexity.

Professional DJs

Musical accompaniment is a very important element of any wedding. As it is difficult to imagine a festive table without treats, so a wedding celebration is impossible without music. A professional DJ will select a special musical accompaniment for your wedding, and each composition will correspond exactly to the moment and mood of the celebration.

Wedding sand show

Sand animation is often perceived as a real miracle. Imagine: an ordinary canvas filled with sand. And here, as if by a wave of a magic wand, images begin to appear on it. Shot – newlyweds meet … Another shot – sunset … Another shot, and a whole city is growing on the sand. The sand show is an event incredible in its beauty, a unique skill that will impress you and your guests to the core. We will suggest partners who will make this beauty for you.


Wedding decoration with balloons of various colors, shapes and shades. Our specialists are able to create a wide variety of shapes and patterns from balloons. Aerodesign will perfectly complement wedding venues and will even more decorate this beautiful event – a wedding! We will suggest partners who will make this beauty for you.

Beauty salon for the bride

One of the best masters of Lviv in the “Mask” beauty salon will help the bride to prepare as best as possible for the most important day in her life: make-up, trial and final hairstyles, manicure, pedicure and many other services – we are ready to do everything you wish! We will suggest partners who will make this beauty for you.

Also, the Swiss hotel in Lviv **** has all the conditions to hold not only a wedding, but also an engagement, bachelorette party, bachelorette party or stay here for the entire “honeymoon”.

So, have a fabulous and unforgettable wedding at the Swiss hotel **** and create your romantic love story that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.