difference in taste between expensive and cheap wine

What is the difference in taste between expensive and cheap wine?

A difficult question to which there is still no exact answer.

Theoretically, expensive wine should win over a cheap counterpart in all respects. The aroma of expensive wine will be multifaceted, it will evolve beautifully and for a long time – it will be possible to catch up to 10-15 shades and halftones. The aroma of cheaper wine is simple and will quickly decline – 3-5 bright notes and the wine can immediately “shut up”.

The taste of expensive wine will be deep, harmonious and balanced, but the taste of cheap wine loses to a dear counterpart in depth and intensity. The aftertaste of cheap wine will be short and not as bright compared to expensive wine. But this is only in theory. In practice, even experienced wine critics and tasters may not always find clear differences between expensive and cheap wine. And if you confuse the cards and stick the labels on the bottles, then cheap wines can get more compliments and points than more expensive. How can a consumer be in such a situation? It’s very simple: visit the restaurant “Valentino” and our sommelier will be happy to help you choose the best wine for a romantic dinner or business meeting. Quality wines and delicious dishes for you!

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