Яке вино можна вважати дешевим, а яке дорогим?

Which wine can be considered cheap and which expensive?

Let’s start with the fact that the price is a relative entity. For someone the price 3-5 thousand UAH will be excessive, and others will call it a perfectly normal price for an interesting and multifaceted wine with a history. But based on the average income in the country, wines below 150 UAH fall into the ultra-budget segment, wines 200-400 UAH and above can be called the middle price segment, and wine at a price above 500 UAH already belong to the high price category. What does the price category depend on and how do these wines differ from each other?
Let’s list what the price category mainly depends on and how these wines differ:
– Origin;
– Winemaker’s skill;
– Brand strength;
The level of the place where you can buy this wine.
We will consider each of these points in detail in our next articles in the framework of the Blog from the Sommelier restaurant “Valentino”.
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