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What questions to ask a sommelier in a restaurant?

All sommeliers are special people: they have dedicated their lives to wine but spit it out during tastings. These are professionals who have significant knowledge in the field of wine, who work in good establishments to provide you with “wine services” and help you choose a dish for wine or vice versa. If desired, you can determine the economic condition of the country by the number of sommelier working in it. So it is not surprising that each of us will have a few questions for them. Consider what kind of questions should be asked to guilty experts.

There is a category of people who find it difficult to invite a sommelier to the table, because “he is so knowledgeable, and I don’t even know how to hold a glass properly.” First, hold the glass by the leg, and secondly, the stereotype of arrogant sommelier is present only in the movies to emphasize the social, financial gap between the characters. In real life, sommelier is always happy to help – after all, they just do their favorite job.
If you are having dinner at the Valentino restaurant and want to invite a sommelier for a consultation, here are some questions that will bring you closer to a bottle of excellent wine:

  • We order fish, what wine do you recommend to choose for it?
  • What is your favorite bottle of wine priced up to $ 50? (You can adjust the price to your budget)
  • I usually enjoy Burgundy wines. Do you have wines from this region or a wine similar in style?
  • What is interesting about the recent wine receipts in your establishment?
  • How to store wine in bottles at home? How do you store wines in your Valentino restaurant?
  • I like dry Riesling. Based on this, what other white wine would you recommend to me?

We are waiting for you in the restaurant “Valentino” to get you acquainted with our sommelier. Valentino Restaurant is the best Italian restaurant located in the center of Lviv. Meeting and talking with the restaurant’s sommelier Oleg Kurako will captivate you with its curiosity and new bright emotions and feelings.
See you at the Valentino restaurant!
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