сомельє ресторану “Валентино”

Acquaintance with the sommelier of the “Valentino” restaurant

Greetings! Today our sommeliers will tell a little about themselves to get acquainted.
We have two interesting and charismatic professionals: Oleg Kurako and Vladislav Yaloza.

знайомство з сомельє ресторану "Валентино": Олегом Курако та Владиславом Ялозою

Oleg Kurako, sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino”, who works with us for almost 7 years at the Swiss Hotel.
He is a Member of the Sommelier Association of Ukraine.

“For me, the hobby has become a profession” says Oleg.
‘It’s hard to remember the day when I became interested in beverage culture, because I was still a teenager when my father explained that alcoholic beverages, and wines in particular, can be complex and refined, and bring aesthetic pleasure, like music, painting, or poetry’.
He started to associate his hobby with work back in 2003, when he was a student, and he got an entry in the workbook “sommelier” here in Lviv 9 years ago.

Currently, the most interesting are the wines of the Spanish region of Rioja, sparkling wines of Britain, Austrian wines and winemaking of Poland, which in recent years has made a big leap in this area.

Outside of work, I am interested in photography, genealogy and birdwatching.

Vladislav Yaloza – wine expert, sommelier of the restaurant “Valentino”.

By education – a lawyer who is interested in the tiniest details of wine, its origin and features.
‘Charisma is important in the sommelier profession. I gained my first experience working as a bartender in a cocktail bar. My journey into the world of wine began 9 years ago with sommelier courses from Vitaly Kovach. And then there were trips to the wine regions of France, Italy, Hungary, Azerbaijan and wine tasting presented in these regions.
Having started working with the restaurant “Valentino”, which is located in the city center, I participated in the development of the wine cellar project, which I am extremely proud of, because there is still no analogue in the ancient city of Lviv! For me, it has long been more than a job and hobby, it’s life!’ says Vladislav.