Assorted Italian meat platter at the Valentino restaurant in Lviv

Italian cuisine in Lviv restaurants

Italian cuisine is famous for its tasty and aromatic dishes, and a special place is occupied by meat appetizers. If you want to enjoy traditional Italian flavors, be sure to try prosciutto cruto, salami Milano, bresaola and Parma ham at the Valentino restaurant and on the panoramic terrace of the establishment.

Prosciutto cruto is a gently aged pork meat that undergoes special processing to preserve its freshness and aroma. It has a sweet taste and a delicate texture that melts in your mouth.

Salami Milano is thinly sliced meat with a spicy and rich taste. It is made from pork, which is first aged in a special solution with spices and herbs, and then dried. This perfect product goes well with cheese, pears and other fruits.

Brezaola is aged veal, which is wet-dried and aged under wooden planks. It has a pleasant sweet taste and a crumbly texture that melts in your mouth.

Parma ham is the most famous type of meat snack, which is made from pork aged for several months. This product has a unique taste and aroma that will not leave any gourmet indifferent.

Due to its sophistication and high quality, the Italian meat snack has become a favorite dish of all lovers of gastronomy. You don’t have to go to Italy to enjoy these flavors – you can order these wonderful dietary dishes right in your city of Lviv on the terrace of the Valentino restaurant.

After ordering an Italian meat appetizer, you will get the feeling that you are in the heart of Italy, enjoying authentic flavors that are hard to find anywhere else. In addition, these snacks are a great choice for any event, be it a festive dinner with family or a party with friends.

Appetizers such as prosciutto cruto, salami milano, bresaola and Parma ham can also be used as the perfect companion to wine or other alcoholic beverages, allowing you to create real master classes at gatherings with friends or business partners.

So, if you want to enjoy the best flavors of Italy, do not delay and order an Italian meat appetizer right now by booking a table at the Valentino restaurant or on the Panoramic Terrace. You will not regret this choice and you will definitely find what you were looking for!

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